It's much easier to start with good habits than to repair black marks later on.                                                                 



You are invited to the most effective program available to clear mistakes made by creditors.



Once you have obtained excellent credit, it is necessary for you to protect it.                                             



Agela provides the best Credit Management Solutions you'll ever need to enhance your credit score!

Agela Financial Inc. provides a number of financial and credit services. We do all that is possible to provide you with the best service in the market.  We can meet your needs whatever they may be.  Our team has over fifty years experience.  Our broker and attorney, Mr. Robert McKernan has over 36 years experience in the mortgage industry.

We provide a credit management service through Agela Financial SolutionsAgela is committed to providing you with a highly effective approach to helping you with the right loan for your needs. We also help with re-establishing your financial reputation (credit rating) by providing a proactive solution to help individuals become credit worthy for those who have credit problems.

Agela offers the most complete credit management system in the world!  We provide our members with the most comprehensive methods, combined with the latest systems and technological advances available in the credit management industry today.  The systems we use are proven to work for anyone, no matter what your credit score.  Agela works in three of the most important areas of credit: Build, Restore and Protect.  The information Agela shares with its members come from the Agela Team Managers.  With 100 years of combined experience, enhancing your personal credit profile. 

No other company provides more information in these three areas.  This system is the best thing you can do to provide you and your family with true economic empowerment.



Agela Financial, Inc. is a proud member of the National Association of Certified Credit Counselors.