It's much easier to start with good habits than to repair black marks later on.                                                                 



You are invited to the most effective program available to clear mistakes made by creditors.



Once you have obtained excellent credit, it is necessary for you to protect it.                                             

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The benefits of good credit starts now!

You are invited to join one of the most effective programs available to help you Build, Restore, and Protect your credit profile and credit scores.  We combine personal service with 100 years of combined experience to provide you with genuine, lasting credit improvement.   

Agela offers two outstanding Credit Management packages:

(1) Preferred Credit Management System:  $199.95 Annual Fee

  • A wealth of information on how to build, restore and protect your credit.
  • Sample correspondence to send to merchants and credit agencies.
  • One What-If Stimulation with a detailed indepth report  prepared and sent to you based on your personal scenario.
  • Real time support team to answer your questions and to help guide you along the way.

(2) Premier Credit Management System:  $499.95 Annual Fee

  • You receive all the valuable tools of the Preferred Credit Management System including the individual assistance of our experienced Credit Management Team. 
  • PLUS a monthly subscription to the Agela Financial & Credit newsletter.  Our newsletters delivers to you up to the minute critical, indepth information from the Agela Team.  You get informative articles that discuss and expound upon many subjects including tips and strategies, industry facts and the laws that govern the credit industry.  We invite you to Sign Up today to receive two bonus issues free!


You get everything you need for a single one time annual fee.  We offer the best value to assist you to reach your credit goals.

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Agela Financial, Inc. is a proud member of the National Association of Certified Credit Counselors.